Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Tawa tawa as anti-dengue treatment' - Marquez

KALIBO, Aklan - Governor Carlito Marquez has urged the dengue patients to use the local 'tawa tawa' plant as potential cure of hemorrhagic fever caused by virus-carrying mosquitoes.
In a meeting with the municipal mayors and health professionals at the Provincial Governor's Office, Marquez directed the local officials to adopt urgent measures to prevent and control the prevalence of dengue disease in the barangays.
"The deadly dengue virus has no specific drug treatment caused by mosquitoes and this tawa tawa has helped some of our people in the communities," the governor said.
Alarmed over the rising cases of dengue, Marquez also urged the public to clean the surroundings of the possible breeding grounds of mosquitoes, practice the four S to eradicate dengue and consult the doctor for medication.

Known as Euphorbia hirta, the tawa tawa in the Philippines grows anywhere, has natural enzymes within that stabilize the membranes of the blood vessels, preventing internal bleeding of patients, according to WikiAnswers website.
Marquez also encouraged local executives to activate their Municipal Health Board and to intensify the campaign on the breeding grounds of killer mosquitoes.
Provincial Health Officer II Dr. Emma Cortes said the Aklan provincial hospital has reported a shortage of rooms and beds due to the rising incidence of dengue cases. Aklan dengue cases reached 292 as of July 31, the most cases were reported in the towns of Kalibo, Numancia, New Washington and Banga.
Department of Health (DOH) officials earlier raised concerns of the 'overdosage' of tawa tawa and other herbal products to cure dengue fever. Health experts said there is a need for thorough clinical study of the efficacy of tawa tawa on dengue cases. In many instances, tawa tawa increases the platelet count in the blood of the dengue patients.
The herbal medication of dengue patients is accepted in the barrios as a practical and effective way to treat the dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is well known to those who have tried it or witnessed the testimonies of dengue patients.
Tangalan mayor Gene Fuentes said three patients from his town were treated by the tawa tawa, testifying for the effectiveness of the local medicinal plants to treat dengue fever.

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