Monday, June 28, 2010

Take it or Leave it

The Law of the Jungle

Some few weeks back, when I read about my good friend, Albay Governor Joey Salceda’s bolting Lakas-Kampi to join the Liberal Party camp of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III 15 days before the May 10 elections, I cannot believe my eyes upon reading the bold headline in the news.
For if there’s anybody who was so close to president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, particularly with regard to her economic policies, it’s none other than the vocal, no-holds barred, devil-may-care politician from Bicolandia.
I still can recall the time he called Ate Glo, his boss, of course, still he remained one of the staunchiest and most straightforward defenders of the president, and like the late Cerge Remonde, another dear friend – highlighted and bannered GMA’s accomplishments at every turn possible.
To all of us who know Joey Salceda well enough, he could be the last in mind to defect. But on second thought – we are reminded that in Philippine politics where more often than not, the rule of the game, rather, the law of the jungle, is survival. Survival of the fittest and the elimination of the unfit. Eat – or be eaten.
Elections can make erstwhile enemies become the best of friends, while those who have been the closest of allies can turn into the most bitter of rivals.
Salceda’s reported about-face is only one of the latest “abandon ship” dramas from the administration party. Jutst recently, Neptali Gonzales, Jr., deputy House Speaker, jumped over to the LP fence, and followed on the heels by former Chief Justice Hilarion Davide, Jr. who announced of the Noy-Mar tandem, a week before Judgment Day.
Sadly enough, politics hereabouts has always been about “I, me, myself” – so do we still have to wonder why we are in this kind of a situation – but all of us – who are guilty one way or the other of this kind of self-serving attitude.
In this country, it’s all a matter of “kanya-kanya” – or what has been described as a “to teach his own” syndrome. This is one negative aspect of Filipinos because it can be selfish and self-serving, putting one’s self over and above the interest of the country.
It has always been said that in politics, there are no permanent alliances, only permanent interests. Well, one can even go further and say that there are no permanent interests for this country, just permanent personal interests.
Which is why it has been so difficult for this country to maintain and sustain progress despite the fact that we have been blessed with so, many resources to turn the Philippines into a progressive nation.

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Anonymous said...

pareng jun you conveniently forgot to mention the greatest aklanon balimbing of all times who was re=elected unoppossed in the last provincial election.