Monday, May 31, 2010

Aklan jetty ports posted P42-million terminal fees in Q1
Kita halin sa Caticlan ag Cagban jetty ports, nagsaka / Bombo Radyo

Jetty ports in Malay, Aklan registered a P42-million terminal fee collections from January to April this year. Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez said improved collections translate to better social services to Aklanons / PHOTO BY BOY RYAN ZABAL

BORACAY - Revenues from passenger terminal fees at the Caticlan and Cagban jetty ports increased by 8 percent in the first quarter of 2010.
Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez said the terminal fees posted a four-month collections of P42-million as compared to P38.978-million collections last year or an increase of more than P3-milion from January to April this year.
Terminal fees of P50 are charged to non-Aklanon tourists while entering the jetty ports in Caticlan and Cagban, both in Malay, Aklan.
"If we translate this tourism receipts on terminal fees through our social services programs, more indigents in Aklan will benefit in terms of health and education. The revenues generated from the economic enterprise department are also allocated to finance other programs and the operations of the provincial government," the governor said.
Caticlan and Cagban jetty ports and terminal are major components of Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) created by the provincial government, including revenue-earning units like the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital. In 2009, the EEDD collected P185-million in revenues compared to P171-million in 2008.
Based on the comparative statistics of the Malay Municipal Tourism Office, Boracay arrivals improved to 16 percent to 291,443 tourists in the first quarter compared to 250,843 arrivals of the same period last year.
Foreigners increased almost 33 percent to 92,633 while domestic tourists jumped 9 percent to 198,810 during the period. Last year, Boracay tourists registered 649,559 or a two percent growth compared to 634,263 in the year 2008.
After gaining another three-year mandate, incumbent Marquez said the higher collection terminal fees has inspired him to deliver more services and programs to his constituents, especially the poor, through the help of department heads and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan members.


Anonymous said...

they should be posting more income since the police are supporting graft there. We had several guests recently that all paid the fees and tickets in order and were forced to pay an additional 50 pesos on the dock where they complained to a police officer. The lawman would not listen to the complaint and insisted they all pay the boatman an additional 50 each, but refused to give any reciepts. Upon arrival, I was infuriated and called the Boracay police only to be told it wasnt their problem. police refusing to deal with a report of police corruption.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell a couple of improvements that were implimented? Schools are still in the same conditions. Poor people doesn't get any type of welfare programs. So where are all these revenues went? During elections, millions and millions of pesos are spent to buy votes. I'm sure these politicians do not make enough from their government salaries to spend those much monies to buy votes. Corruptions are still rampant. People will soon get the message especially the educated under previlliaged and these career politicians will soon get what they deserve.