Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aklanon author launches Filipino American book
BY BOY RYAN B. ZABAL / Panay News / Manila Bulletin

KALIBO, Aklan – Filipino American author Dr. Kevin Leo Y. Nadal launched his new book, Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice on June 25 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.
The book offers a comprehensive look at the psyche of Filipino Americans, the second largest Asian American/ Pacific Islander population in the United States with 1.37 million Filipino-born immigrants.
“The book is the first of its kind, and I hope that you will support it. I hope you will find that this book gives voice and representation to Filipino Americans,” said Dr. Nadal, the proud son of Engr. Leo and Charity Nadal of Numancia and Malinao, Aklan.
The New York-bred psychologist, performer and activist, Dr. Nadal will embark on a national tour in New York (June 25, July 11, July 15, July 17, October 2), Washington DC (July 26) Los Angeles (July 30-31), Irvine (August 1), San Diego (August 2), Toronto (August 5), San Francisco Bay Area: SF, SJ, Fremont, Palo Alto, Berkeley (August 20-27), Vermont (September 17) and Chicago (October 8-9).
“Filipino Americans are an ethnic group with a socio-cultural and historical experience that is unlike any other. They are the only ethnic group that has been categorized as Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic. However, California state laws require that all personnel surveys or statistical tabulations classify persons of Filipino ancestry as “Filipino” rather than part of any other racial or ethnic group,” he added.
The book also discusses the Filipino and Filipino American Families and Cultural Values, Racial and Ethnic Identity Development of Filipino Americans. Colonial Mentality of Filipino Americans, Filipino American Groups and Communities, Filipino Americans and the Model Minority Myth: Contemporary experiences in education, health, and society, Filipino American Experiences with Gender and Sexual Orientation, Multiracial, Multiethnic, and Adopted Filipino Americans and the Mental Health Experiences and Psychotherapy with Filipino Americans
Named one of the People Magazine's hottest bachelors in 2006, Dr. Nadal earned BA's in Psychology and Political Science from the University of California at Irvine and received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University.
As an assistant professor of mental health counseling and psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice- City University of New York, he has published several works focusing on Filipino American, ethnic minority, and LGBTQ issues in the fields of psychology and education.
In 2007, he led a vast international campaign against ABC Studios for the negative statements made about Filipino medical schools on the television show “Desperate Housewives.” A California-bred New Yorker, Kevin is also a stand-up comedian and spoken word artist who has performed across the United States since 2000.
He was a guest on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” and he has been featured on The Filipino Channel, the History Channel, Philippine News, and Filipinas Magazine.
Filipino Americans, Nadal said, have often been referred to as the “Forgotten Asian Americans,” because their presence has been invisible in psychology, education, humanities, and other social sciences.
In the foreword of Dr, Derald Wing Sue, “by examining history, cultural values, influences of colonialism, community dynamics, and intersections with other identities, the reader will have an opportunity to understand essential information about this population. Students will gain knowledge and awareness about Filipino American identity and personality development, while practitioners will learn culturally-competent techniques to become better counselors, clinicians, and educators.”
Nadal said the book also aims to promote visibility of this invisible group, so that 2.4 million Filipino Americans will have their voices heard.


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