Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1,800 bamboo trees planted along Aklan River


Growing bamboo trees to rehabilitate the Aklan riverbanks is one of the priorities of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-Aklan.

The flood-prone barangay of Mobo in Kalibo, Aklan is the recipient of 1,800 bamboo trees which is budgeted under the Grassroots Participatory Project (GPP) from DENR.

Aklan River is the largest river system in the province traversing the towns of Libacao, Madalag, Banga, Malinao, Lezo, Numancia and Kalibo.

The massive planting of bamboo trees in the nine hectares along the Aklan River started last week by some 20 planters, according to Barangay Mobo village chief Wendell Tayco. 

“Naumpisahan it manugtanum it mga butong ko dayang domingo para sa barangay Mobo,” he added. 

Bamboo species are known to could mitigate strong current and water surge in the riverbanks and also a source of livelihood for the communities. 

Research showed that botong (Gigantochloa levis) can be use to control soil erosion and to stabilize riverbanks especially during rainy season. 

At least 16 native varieties of bamboos in the country propagated in upland communities. 

DENR is also embarking environmental rehabilitation and climate change mitigation in other regions.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

16 Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan finalists named

Sixteen young women in the province of Aklan begun their journey for the crown and title for the prestigious Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2015.
 Kalibo Sto. Nino Ati-Atihan Foundation, Inc. (Kasafi) chairman Albert Menez said the huge turnout of Mutya hopefuls was trimmed down to 16 from 35. 

The screening of candidates was held on September 27 at Kasafi office with the following criteria: with Filipino citizenship, 15 to 24 years old, at least 5’4 tall, never been married, either parent born in Aklan or the candidate is studying in Aklan and with good moral character.

The Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2015 official candidates are Ronelie Algame Pador, second runner-up 2009 Binibining Aklan from Poblacion, Altavas, Aklan, 22, 5’6”; Roxette Gonzales Regalado from Polo, New Washington, Aklan, 16, 5’4”; Nerie Jean Umali David from Poblacion, Batan, Aklan, 18, 5’5”; Maryl Dela Vega Isturis from Polocate, Banga, Aklan, 23, 5’7”; Joanna Carla Taladtad Isturis, 2014 Miss Pacto de Sangre International from Caano, Kalibo, Aklan, 16, 5’4”; Leonah Mae Pantoja Nabayra from Agmailig, Libacao, Aklan, 16, 5’4” and Ma. Theza Marcelino Belarmino from  Poblacion, Altavas, Aklan, 17,  5’7”.

The other candidates are Miafel Bo Asor from Gibon, Nabas, Aklan, 18, 5’7”; Honey Christy Bandiola from Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 16, 5’4”; Edwinbelle Casidsid Cooper, 2014 first runner-up Mutya it Nabas from Buenafortuna, Nabas, Aklan, 17, 5’5”; Rodsie May Jose Apollo from Man-up, Altavas, Aklan, 18, 5’4”; Gelli Joy Catuiran Solita from Lupo, Altavas, Aklan, 21, 5’5”.
Also selected for the beauty pageant are Elaisha Vega from Camanci Sur, Numancia, Aklan, 16, 5’5”; Grandeza Catubay Ibarra from Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan, 19, 5’4”; Maureen Andre Abellaneda Antoja from Poblacion, Makato, Aklan, 17, 5'7" and  Jocelyn Omelan Roxas from Maloco, Ibajay, Aklan, 18, 5’4”.

Menez said the Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan pageant has become the biggest and the most anticipated beauty event in Aklan. It has already produced finalists for the Mutya ng Pilipinas and regional pageants since it was launched by Kasafi in 2011. 

Menez, who is also the pageant director, said Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan winners will receive cash and other attractive prizes during the pageant finals.

The 16 candidates will vie for the coveted title on January 9, 2015 at Gov. Augusto B. Legaspi Sports and Cultural Center in Kalibo, Aklan.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fishermen rescued, one injured after being struck by lightning

Three fishermen, all from the town of Tangalan, Aklan, escaped death when lightning struck their boat off the shore of Sibuyan in Romblon on Thursday morning.

The 35-year old Ali Tana, resident of Barangay Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan had a narrow escape, but he was struck at the back by lightning while fishing in a thunderstorm at around 1 a.m.

Tana said they had gone fishing on Wednesday evening with his two companions in Sibuyan sea, a few miles from Tangalan, Aklan.

He said he was sitting in the middle of the boat, near the engine, when the lightning struck it. The fishermen fell overboard and were able to reach that had apparently floated up from the wreakage.
“Sa makina imigo ro kidlat. Mabaskug ro uean ag gapinangilat idto dapit. Naeonod ro baroto ag haeos lipong kami pag tama it kidlat sa baroto,” he said. 

After being struck, the injured fisherman and his two companions were drifting in the waters for four hours. 

They were rescued at around 5 a.m. when fishermen from Tangalan, Aklan spotted them. 

“Gin-gamit namon ro flashlight ag ginpaypay ro mga mangingisda agud buligan kami, ga sapalaran sanda, taga Jawili man,” he said. 

Tana said he was conscious, taken ashore and treated at Aklan provincial hospital in Kalibo, Aklan.  

Poison letter against Nabas police chief baseless, purely hearsay – Aklan PNP


Chief Inspector Arnolito Laguerta (right)
Acting Aklan police provincial director Senior Superintendent Iver Apellido on Friday said the allegations of police irregularities against a town police chief were proven “baseless and pure hearsay.” 

A concerned citizen brought to police attention and to the Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) the ‘poison letter’ detailing serious allegations against Chief Inspector Arnolito Laguerta, chief of police of Nabas, Aklan 

Two weeks ago, APPO conducted full investigation to verify the nature of these allegations against Laguerta.

The concerned citizen alleged that Laguerta was involved in ‘tupada’ operations in the vilages of Nabas, had made adverse remarks against some municipal government employees of Nabas and being strict to some of his subordinates in the police station.

In an interview, Laguerta said the damaging issues became a hot topic in the local radios after the ‘poison letter’ was leaked to the Aklan media. 

Laguerta, who is reacting to claims of a concerned citizen, stressed the accusations levelled against him were totally spurious, false, baseless and unfounded.

He fired back on the concerned citizen to come into the open and to prove the allegations in question. But, the police official had no idea who circulated the poison letter accusing him.  

“Nasira ang pangalan at reputasyon ko dito, pati mga babaeng anak natin ay nahihiya na rin. Malapit na tayong magretiro at hindi natin hahayaan na mauuwi sa wala ang serbisyo natin bilang pulis,” he said.

Laguerta said, “these allegations were made with the sheer intention to damage his police career.” 

The police official has been in police service for 35 years and is retiring in 2016. He was assigned as chief of police in the towns of Makato, Malinao and Kalibo prior to his assignment in Nabas, Aklan.

Meanwhile, allegations have been raised also against Laguerta for instructing his subordinates to secure blank receipts to be used for his personal reimbursements in the office and for releasing a suspect in a stabbing incident in exchange for money.

“Hindi nga tayo nagsasabong at alam natin na bawal ang tupada, lalo na pag piyesta,” said Laguerta, who is serving as chief of police of Nabas, Aklan for nearly two years. 

“Nasasabihan lang ang mga pulis natin pag-remiss sila sa kanilang duty at trabaho. Pinapatupad lang natin ang mga directives at policies ng pulisiya. Pati mga kahoy na nakumpiska ay inakusahan pa nga tayo na kinuha ang mga ito, na hindi naman totoo.”

“Mga anim hanggang pitong pulis sa Nabas ang nag-execute ng kanilang affidavit na sumusuporta sa atin, na walang tayong kalokohan at kababalaghan dito. “

After the investigation, Apellido said the allegations against Laguerta have been found to be baseless and pure hearsay.

Apellido said the allegations have no substantial evidence to warrant relief or suspension of Laguerta.

“Tanan na issues sa letter sang anonymous complainant gin isa-isa sang investigators. Kag wala sang makuha na statements kung ang mga allegations ay tama pag kadto nila sa Nabas,” he said.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Aklan PPO gets high on community satisfaction survey


The people in Western Visayas have expressed satisfaction with the services of every uniformed personnel including those assigned in Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO), according to the latest survey conducted by University of the Philippines – Visayas College of Management.

The recent independent survey also labeled the performance of Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 as “Satisfied” in terms of trust, safety and respect indices.  

A total of 7,350 respondents were interviewed by the UPV College of Management coming from 147 towns and cities in Western Visayas.  The results were presented by Chief Superintendent Josephus Angan, director of Police Regional Office 6 last week to the provincial and city directors.

Based on the survey result, the respondents were pleased with how the police assure the safety and security of their lives and properties in the community. 

Iloilo Police Provincial Office topped with 3.75 “Mean” results in safety index followed by Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) with 3.73 and Capiz Police Provincial Office with 3.67 in third. 

The survey also cited the high mean results of Iloilo Police Provincial Office, Aklan Police Provincial Office and Antique Police Provincial Office as the top three provincial offices in respect and trust indices.

Respect index measures the level on how the police organization displays pride, commitment to service and professionalism, upholds the rule of law regardless of sex, rank, ethnicity and age. 

Trust index also measures how the police enforce the law without fear or favor, do not yield to bribery and corruption, do what is right for the people and to the society's best interest.

The survey is a challenge for the Philippine National Police (PNP) to improve police services in the performance in crime solving and protecting the people, said Angan.